Albury Care is a private dedicated home care agency providing both full time live-in care and domiciliary (drop-in) care in Guildford and the Surrey area.

When full time care is required the two options to consider are either a Care Home or Live-in Care as provided by Albury Care.  The costs of the two options are similar but the benefits of being cared for in your own home are huge:

  • Peace of mind provided by having someone there for you 24 hours a day.

  • Being in your own home surrounded by familiar objects provides an anchor at difficult times.

  • Albury Care staff are available as back up every day, 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

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  • Over time a relationship develops with the small number of carers that will be staying in your home providing genuine companionship.

  • “Most people do not want to go into care homes. Many who do haven’t made a “positive choice” to end up there.” Professor Andrew Kerslake of the Institute of Public Care.

For people living in Guildford, Albury Care should be your first choice. We strive to be the best Guildford home care agency and consequently have gained an excellent reputation for quality service in the Guildford area.

When looking for a Guildford home care agency just call us on:
01483 533367 or 01483 451861
or email
Edan House
2a Down Road

Albury Care does not have any registration fees and our first visit and an initial assessment of a client’s needs is FREE AND WITHOUT OBLIGATION.