Multiple Sclerosis in Surrey

The immune system attacks the covering (“myelin”) that surrounds nerve fibres in the brain or spinal cord.  Due to this, messages travelling along the nerves become disrupted.  This is what causes the symptoms of MS.

Support needs may include:-

•    General support with day-to-day living, dressing,                   washing, toileting etc
•    Help with mobility eg:  wheelchair, hoist
•    Help with reading
•    Help with medication
•    Emotional support, patience and understanding
•    Help with daily routines




Our Values

  1. We are available to our clients 24/7

  2. In order to work to the highest possible standards  we monitor and rigorously check on the service we provide at all times.

  3. Each of clients have individually created 'Care Plans' working to the highest standards.

  4. We ensure our support workers are fully trained, courteous and respect views and opinions expressed to them.

  5. Concerns by our clients and or their family are dealt with quickly and sympathetically.